My Future YouTube Channel! 

Hey guys! So I don’t really talk about these things but, in the near future I will probably have a YouTube channel! It will include: DIY’S, room tours, funny things, friends and food. Tell me what you guys think in the comments below! Thanks guys you rock! 
“Live the life you’ve dreamed of” 

//rylee signing off//


Be you

hey, I wanted to tell everyone that they are special in their own way. Don’t ever let anyone get you down, you don’t need to impress them, you need to impress you. Be unique, go beyond your comfort zone. Don’t let anyone tell you diffrent, say hurtful comments or names. If they do listen, brush it off, when they relize their not affecting you they’ll stop. So just be you and don’t be anyone your not. 

“Be you, be yourself, be unique.”

             //rylee signing off// 


 “your one step closer to unlocking it all”

Have you ever thought, wondered something that will never happen? Like falling down a rabbit hole (Alice in wonderland), zombie apocalypse, entering a magical world. Well I have, all of those things actually, I feel like when I discover something amazing I’ve unlocked a secret and I’m one step closer to unlocking everything. The world is a place full of discoveries and secrets, I’ve always wanted to travel the world going to rainforests, oceans, mountains. Unlocking all the mysteries, secrets, discoveries. Have you ever wondered what you’re going to unlock, the secrets this world holds. But their out there, just waiting to be found.

♥//Rylee signing off//♥

Nail Polish

Hey everyone! So today I wanted to tell you about this trick I learned, if you drop or spill nail polish immediately get sugar. Sugar?!? Crazy right well its true, it clumps the nail polish right up! So the next time you drop or spill nail polish get sugar!

” A girls hardest decision is choosing the right nail polish”

♥//Rylee signing off//♥

btw I hope everyone had a GREAT valentines day! I know I did! ♥ Have a great day that’s fun filled! If you watch ‘The walking dead’ Get ready for tonight! Comment below if you do!

A little about my blog.

Hi, I’m Rylee. I’m a photographer, gamer (video), what do you call someone that does their nails all the time, a polisher? Haha, but anyways music helps me get away from the world, I’m a Alice in Wonderland addict, I write a lot so I thought I could start a blog. I draw, but my biggest hobby is taking pictures. I’ll try to post some pictures every once in a while, I will also be posting quotes at the end of every blog post. For now that’s it I hope you guys like my blog.

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world” – Marilyn Monroe

♥//Rylee signing off//♥